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Living at the Residence Hall @ Brooklyn College has many advantages. It provides students with a sense of community, helps develop social skills making friends for life and allows them to live independently and interact with their peers in a safe and secure environment. Parents too find comfort and peace of mind in the fact that their children reside in a safe facility.

There are many ways to help pay for college housing.

The Brooklyn College Financial Aid office can assist students and parents by providing guidance with respect to the various grants, scholarships and subsidized loans that may be available to students and their families. Many grants and loans can be utilized to pay for student housing and other non-tuition expenses.

There are many Federal programs that provide grants and loans to students and parents to help pay for housing. A link to Federal Direct Loans Program for Students and Federal Direct Loans PLUS Program for parents can be found here:

Federal PELL Grants allow for funds to be used for housing and are available to students on a need-based basis. More information on the Federal PELL Grant can be found here:

A general qualification form for Federal assistance can be found at

A great resource for comparing different types of federally funded loans / grants that allows students with a side by side comparison of different types of loans/aid and helps gauge eligibility can be found here:

In addition to Federal and State assistance programs, there are many financial institutions that offer private loans for students and parents to help pay for tuition, housing, and other college expenses. The list below provides links to some prominent loan providers. The links are provided as courtesy to our current and prospective residents. Neither RHBC Management, nor any of its affiliates is entitled to any referral fees or commissions from routing web traffic to these web addresses. - private loans for students - allows borrowing for tuition as well as housing and other expenses - private student loans from Citibank - private student loans from Chase - private student loans from Charter One Bank - private student loans from Commerce Bank - student loan options provided by credit unions - private student loans offered by Discover Financial - private student loans offered by Fifth Third Bancorp - private student loans offered by US Bank - private student loans offered by PNC Bank - private student loans offered by Wells Fargo - A platform offering loans from multiple lenders with a single application


Students and parents can also use Financial Aid Estimator provided by CUNY to view some of the loans and grants they qualify for.

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